Sync Layer, Inc. is an innovative software company pioneering new technologies in tracking and data visualization.

About Sync Layer

Sync Layer, Inc. is an creative software product company specializing in simplifying diverse and difficult data for comprehensive analysis. We work directly with our users to fully understand their mission and identify their pain points.

Our products eliminate bottlenecks and solve data visualization challenges. By utilizing all of the data and leveraging our patented technology, we provide you with the ability to quickly understand your data and make informed decisions. We know timely information can be the difference between success and failure.

Sync Layer’s founder, John Sinclair, has extensive experience prototyping, refining, and inserting analytical software into operational environments. John developed unique insight into data analysis and workflow by working closely with analysts on rapid prototype development in the U.S., Iraq and Afghanistan. John’s user driven approach has brought new capabilities, efficiencies and cost savings to the intelligence and law enforcement communities.


Our flagship product, SyncArena, is a web based data visualization platform that provides synchronization and visualization of investigative data from multiple sources in a single application. Our patented visualization techniques create a visual story of events as they occurred. SyncArena is built on a customizable modular platform that is capable of supporting multiple markets with law enforcement being the first vertical customization.

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